Getting the OIA VPN is as simple as installing OpenVPN, an open source software platform for VPN connectivity, and then using our official VPN configuration.

Supported Platforms







Setup Instructions

We provide everyone with the ability to access the internet safely and securely without censorship - all while retaining complete anonymity.

Step 1: Download and install the OpenVPN client for your operating system or mobile device.
Step 2: Download the OIA config weekly by clicking the download button below.
Step 3: Connect to the secure VPN server, and disable all outside internet connections.
Step 4: Redownload the new OIA VPN configuration file next monday to get your new keys.


Open Internet Access uses only well established open source software. This ensures the highest possible code review and least possible chance of code vulnerabilities. Furthermore OIA is superior to all paid VPNs due to the non existence of a payment log linkage between the user and an associated VPN service. Usage of OIA is truly anonymous as there are no links of anykind. OIA is funded by ad revenue and donations. Without this, we could not survive. But thanks to our amazing users, we are able to offer this service sustainably. Please respect this honor system!

Advanced Configurations

TCP Connection

UDP Connection

Tor to VPN


What's the difference?

The type of VPN connection determines the network characteristics and consequently performance, security, anonymity, and connectivity. There are many differences, but simply UDP is the fastest and most efficient. Although some ISPs block UDP VPN traffic so you may need to use the TCP VPN connection in this case. Tor outbound is great, because you have all of the benefits and anomymity of a VPN, but then on the outbound you also have the anonymity of Tor without your ISP knowing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well it is free in terms of price, but there are ways that we can still make money. This is through the ocassional ad click (similar to how Google pays for their massive operations) or donation.
We don't collect logs of any kind. Really. Unlike "no log" VPNs which force you to create an account, and log a transaction linking your identity to that VPN connection forever.
We never view or access data going through the VPN of any kind so we are unable to sell it nor would we. Additionally in the case of end-to-end encryption like https:// it is impossible anyway.
We used the most secure symmetrical encryption algorithm avaiable which is AES-256. This is quantum resistant and unbreakable with current computing resources.