What is a VPN?

Find out what you've been missing. Then get OIA.

Totally Free. No Strings Attached.

All of our services are totally free, with no strings attached!

How and why are we able to do this? We are a subsidiary of VanwaTech which means we operate our entire stack and infrastructure in house. This allows us to offer services to thousands of users at almost no cost. We are able to break even without invading your privacy by simply advertising our other upsale offerings!


More Than a Commitment to Privacy

At OpenInternetAccess privacy isn't just a policy. Privacy is the reason why we made OIA in the first place.

Unlike other free or even paid VPNs that require sign ups, collect your data, and track your identity - OpenInternetAccess collects and stores no logs of ANY kind. We can't track anyone if we wanted to, because we never collect any data! There are no IP logs, no connection logs, no accounts, and most importantly no payment logs linking your identity forever.